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Whitby’s 12welve Bistro & Tapwerks sets its own standard

Story by Erin Elliott |  Photos by Kirsten McGoey, Jason Liebregts/Metroland and Ryan Pfeiffer/Metroland

Whitby’s Four Corners restaurant scene has a new player and it is setting high expectations!

If nearby eateries were a little nervous when 12welve Bistro & Tapwerks made its debut, it would be understandable. A number of popular casual upscale gastropubs are vying for the hip crowd with offerings of craft beers, wings and burgers alongside tacos, butter chicken and even oysters.  John Allen, owner and general manager of the bistro, which celebrated a soft opening in April within the brand new Brock Street Brewing building, assures us that: “we aren’t a threat to the local pubs. We are on a totally different path here.” Despite residing in the Brock Street Building, 12welve Bistro is an entity unto itself.

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